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Dave Kahle Bio Pic Consultant

Organizer ~ Author ~ Host

Dave is the community organizer and serves as a host and author.  Dave started as a young, naive salesperson and grew to become an international sales authority. He held seven different sales positions and became the number one salesperson in the country for two of them.  

As a sales authority, Dave started in his basement with no money and no clients, and managed to author 13 books and speak in 47 states and 11 countries.  He’s helped literally tens of thousands of B2B salespeople, sales leaders and business executives through speaking engagements, training courses and coaching. He has worked one-on-one with over 500 organizations.

Dave & Coleen split their time between Grand Rapids, MI, and Sarasota, FL.  He is a father, grandfather, foster father, and adoptive father. 

“This community allows me a venue to share my wisdom and experience, to encourage others to do likewise, and to help others achieve excellence and influence.”


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~ Host ~

Scott is an expert on the brain in sales and leadership – and he lives his life to help others excel; he is gifted at recognizing and maximizing opportunities and strengths in people, teams, and systems. Scott has coached well over 7,000 people from all walks of life.

After graduating high school, he was in a catastrophic auto accident that left him paralyzed from the neck down. The doctors gave him two hours to live — but within 10 months he had learned to walk again. This is just one of many challenges Scott has overcome… there’s no problem too big for Scott. He thrives helping people navigate and conquer their greatest challenges.

Scott holds an M.A. in Leadership, an M.Div., and many professional certifications. He has serviced over 150 universities and companies including fortune 500s and has been involved with many boards including global non-profit and relief organizations such as the Billy Graham Evangelical Association.

Deb Brown Maher

Xi Bio Pic Deb Maher

Host ~ Associate

Deb Brown Maher is an accomplished business owner, sales coach, author, speaker and artist. Her professional background spans over thirty years of experience in all levels of sales execution, leadership, training and coaching. She has a track-record for getting sustained sales results for various organizations. Her expertise spans multiple industries and businesses of every size from start-ups, to global organizations. 

Deb has a unique ability to help her clients quickly identify gaps in sales performance, bridge those gaps with facts and knowledge, and implement strategic actions that ensure peoples’ ability to succeed both in the moment, and over time. She is passionate about helping people sell from a position of integrity and has shared her methods in “Sell Like Jesus: 7 Characteristics of Christ for Ethical Sales”. She values relationships and is an expert communicator with a track-record for teaching others what it takes to do the same.

Brian Olson

Christian Leadership Bio Pic Brian Olson

Associate ~ Host

Brian Olson has spent the last 20+ years in elite-level selling, leading sales departments, building high performance teams, and proactively coaching employees to exceed their goals. His experience spans a variety of industries, and he has been a frequent recipient of numerous awards for exceeding quotas and breaking company records.

Currently, Brian is the CEO of RevHERO, an innovative tech company that upgrades organizations sales processes via cutting edge automation. He is committed to Leveling Up sales teams by automating their sales process, allowing sales professionals to do what they do best. His work has led him to be featured in multiple media outlets.  Brian is the proud father of two daughters, and his favorite verse is Romans 5:9

Clare Price

Associate ~ Author ~ Host

Clare Price is the president of Octain Growth Systems, a global management and marketing consulting group that works with B2B midmarket companies that want to scale their growth by finding new customers and opening new markets. As a Growth Architect, Clare helps business owners eliminate barriers to revenue growth and replace them with a blueprint for action and automated systems that save time, energy and resources.
Her new book, Make Remote Work, is a comprehensive resource guide on navigating the digital economy for customer sales success.
As a marketplace Christian business owner, Clare is passionate about building business value for Christian business owners so they have the resources to openly live their faith, serve their communities and provide for their families.


Max Cates

Author ~ Associate

Max Cates is an award-winning author of sales management books. He brings his years of successful sales management to his latest book Serve, Lead, Succeed! It is a how-to book for high-performance sales management, showing how servant leaders across the nation have transformed their sales teams from mediocre to exemplary. It includes real-life sales stories as well as research illustrating the effectiveness of servant leadership in sales team success. The book is all about supercharging sales performance, bringing the joy of selling to your team, and becoming a leader that people will respect and remember. It shows how supportive leaders have used empathy, humility and teamwork to empower sales teams that are accountable and passionate to succeed. For more on the book, see


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