Xi Community for Professional B2B Sales People

We bring together B2B sales professionals to help navigate a rapidly changing world by sharpening their skills, enhancing their strategies and practices and providing a system for personal growth so that they can achieve higher levels of  success, enabling them to make more money, be more respected,  be more recognized, and more influential.

Is This For You?

This group is ideal for B2B salespeople of all kinds, industries, and products – if you’re serious about striving for excellence and influence and willing to invest time and money into your career – this community is for you.

How Will This Help You?

The entire focus is on YOU.
We marshal peers and experts and combine them with powerful content in a unique community with the goal of helping you expand your recognition and influence through greater sales success.

We provide a single, proven source of information, education, encouragement and wisdom through proven resources and connections to experts and likeminded people so that you can build a more successful career.

You’ll receive what you cannot attain anywhere else

As a Member You Will Receive…

Immediate access to all the other members.
Network with others who face the same challenges you do and learn from each other. Interact with some of the best minds in the sales world. 

Access to a constantly growing body of content built around a monthly theme.
Monthly themes are supported with articles, audio and video files, discussion questions, and polls– all designed to help you achieve excellence and greater influence in your career. Some of our monthly themes are: 

  • Goal Setting for Salespeople
  • Improving Your Listening Effectiveness
  • Asking Better Questions
  • Multiplying your business by creating Partners
  • Mastering a planning system
  • Prioritizing and Targeting your accounts
  • Developing monthly plans
  • Key Account Strategies

25% discount on all other courses, books and events.
Tap into the wisdom and experience of our authors and hosts, who offer their books, live events and online courses at a dramatic discount.

Resources for You to Achieve Results

Specifically, in the X-I Community, you’ll find these resources, all designed to help you achieve results and transform your career:

  • Content specifically for B2B salespeople – articles, podcasts, courses and other resources. Targeted to help you grow your business and expand your influence.
  • An opportunity to network and dialogue with other professional salespeople.
  • 25% discount on sales assessments, books, courses and webinars.
  • Access, through the forums and dialogue channels, to experts in B2B sales issues.  Review our list of authors and experts.
  • A set of content and discussions revolving around a monthly theme. 
  • One optional short course every month – content curated by our experts and authors designed to equip you with principles and practices you need to reach excellence and influence. 
  • Every month, content, discussions and application ideas for a theme – selected to give you the best results in the shortest amount of time.

We help you achieve success, excellence and influence so that you can realize exceptional results and transform your career.   

We do it by providing a single source of information, motivation and education with proven resources and connections to experts and likeminded people.

No more wasting hours internet solutions that turn out to be thinly disguised self-promotions. Network with others who face the same challenges you do and learn from those who have gone before you.

Invest in YOURSELF!

Compare the $15 monthly fee to the gains you will make over the rest of your career.  This will be one of the best investments you will ever make. Your first month is free, and you can cancel at any time.

All for just $15 a month. No contract – you can cancel at any times.

Please give me immediate access to the B2B Sales Group in the Xi Community. I authorize my credit card to be billed $15.00 per month and understand that there is no contract, and that I may cancel at any time.