Xi Community for Christian Business People

We bring together Christian professionals and businesspeople to help navigate a rapidly changing world by sharpening their skills, enhancing their strategies and practices and providing a system for personal and spiritual growth so that they can achieve higher levels of  success, and have a bigger impact for the Kingdom, enabling them to make more money, be more respected,  be more fulfilled, and have more influence.

Christian Business Community


  • If you want to grow your business,
  • If you want to expand your influence for the Kingdom,
  • If you want to strive for excellence in your career and business…
  • Then there is no more effective, more economical resource to help you do that than the X-I Community


The FOCUS is on YOU

We marshal peers and experts in a unique community with the goal of helping you achieve at least a 10% growth in revenue in the next 12 months and transform your business/career into a powerful force for the Kingdom.

A Single Source YOU can TRUST
You get One Trusted Source. We provide a single, proven source of information, education, encouragement and wisdom through proven resources and connections to experts and likeminded people so that you can build excellent businesses and reach the spiritual potential of your business.

Specific Objectives:

To make a greater impact on the world by:

  • growing the business/ practice revenue by at least 10% in the first 12 months.
  • grow the Kingdom impact of the business,
  • so that the owner can feel more successful, confident and fulfilled, more in tune with His purpose, and closer to God.

What will you find in the Xi Community?

  1. Interaction with a group of like-minded colleagues. People who are in a similar situation and share your motivation. You can react to their comments and posts, ask questions, and learn together. 
  2. Interaction with a specifically designed body of content.  Monthly themes have been chosen and developed specifically to help you grow your business and expand your influence. These themes are monthly conversations, content, and events designed to instill a principle, practice, process, or strategy.  
  3. Access to a dynamic group of experts who have years of experience and success in helping folks sell better, manage better, and lead better. 
  4. Exposure to, and interaction with, a dynamic group of hosts, who moderate each monthly theme and respond to comments and questions.
  5. Regular live events (Zoom meetings) facilitated by a host and/or author, which provide you an opportunity to talk over the content and your situation and gain feedback from experts and colleagues.
  6. Optional Learning Paths. These are short 3 – 4 lesson courses that treat a specific principle, practice, process or strategy. Learning Paths are for sale to the subscribers at a discount.
  7. Dramatic discounts (25%) on optional resources and courses both inside the community and external to it.
  8. A community prayer channel, where you can list your prayer issues, note  the prayers you’ve been offering for people, and record any responses you receive.

2021 Themes:

2021 Theme

Excellence & Influence

Planning with the Holy Spirit

Sales Systems – Overview

Embedding Prayer into our Company Routines

Financing Business Expansion

Business Measurements








Optional Learning Path


Improving Listening Effectiveness

Preparing for the Coming Crash

Hearing God Speak to Us

Leading Change in Your Organization

Spiritual Warfare

Your Investment:

Compare your monthly investment to the spiritual and economic returns, and it will be one of the best investments you will make.

We don’t want money to stand in the way of your participation. On the other hand, we do need this effort to be self-sustaining.

So, you may choose your monthly fees – ask the Holy Spirit to lead you – and select the number that represents the value you expect to receive from this relationship.  Your first month is free, and you may cancel at any time.  

Consider the Gold Membership option.  It includes a monthly two-hour coaching call.  $695 per month.