Xi Community Group for Sales Leaders & Managers

In this group, we bring together sales leaders to help navigate a rapidly changing world by sharpening their skills, enhancing their practices and providing a system for personal and organizational growth so that they can achieve higher levels of  success, enabling them to make more money, be more respected,  more recognized, and more influential.

Is this Community for Me?

  • Sales managers — People who supervise salespeople,  
  • Sales executives — those who manage the people who supervise them and 
  • Chief sales officers  — the ultimate decision maker on all things sales – VP’s of sales, National sales directors, principles and CEOs.
  • Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners – people responsible for growing a business.

Why should I join?

You are serious about creating exceptional results through your team.  You understand that you have potential that you have not realized, and that your team can do more, be more and achieve more. You understand that with greater excellence comes more money, more recognition and a fuller and more fulfilled life.  You’ll create options for your family that they would not have had otherwise. We help with that.


It is our goal to help you lead your team to at least a 10% increase in sales in the next 12 months.

  • We provide a single source of information, motivation and education with proven resources and connections to like minded people. No more wasting hours on internet solutions that turn out to be thinly disguised self-promotions. We can save you hours every month. Network with others who face the same challenges you do and learn from those who have gone before you. 
  • As a result of your engagement with the Sales Leaders community, you’ll feel more confident, peaceful and competent.  You’ll experience measurable positive results in your careers/businesses. You’ll see yourself differently – more successful, more competent and confident, and more peaceful.

What will I Receive?

  • Sales Leader’s specific content – articles, podcasts and courses and other resources. 
  • An opportunity to network and dialogue with other sales leaders.
  • A 25% discount on sales assessments and books and webinars.
  • Access, through the forums and dialogue channels, to experts in sales leader’s issues.  Review our list of authors and experts below.
  • A monthly theme –building specific principles, practices, process and strategies for sales leaders. 
  • A selection of Short courses and Reading plans.  Take as many as you want, as frequently as you want.  We add to them monthly.

Invest in YOURSELF!

Compare the $49 monthly fee to the gains you will make over the rest of your career.  This will be one of the best investments you will ever make. Your first month is free, and you can cancel at any time.

All for just $49 a month. First month free. No contract – you can cancel at any times.

Please give me immediate access to the Sales Leaders Group in the Xi Community. I authorize my credit card to be billed $49 per month and understand that there is no contract, and that I may cancel at any time.

“The quality of resources and people...”

Xi has been an incredible experience for me. The quality of resources and people were only matched by the quality of service I receive. I wish I had a resource like this when I started out in business.
Sandra Files